10 Business Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Being an entrepreneur can be both intimidating and exciting! You get to work your own hours, work from the comfort of your home and have a better work/life balance but most people fail to realize the sacrifices and risks that come along with being an entrepreneur. Some may have to work overtime to cover living expenses and start-up funds, some entrepreneurs give up their dream home to invest in their business and most take chances by taking out large business loans. If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one, here’s 10 resources that will help you save time, stress and money.

  1. Stripe and PayPal- Send and receive money securely. With Stripe or PayPal, you have a better chance of avoiding fraud and unauthorized transactions. They’re both fast, trusted and efficient.

  2. UNUM- Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a personal brand or a business, you should utilize the power of social media. Download UNUM on your smartphone to organize your Instagram post to make sure your color scheme and photos look cohesive. See my profile for an example @iamasadugger on Instagram.

  3. Flipboard- Always be in the know! Flipboard is an app for global and local news/advice. When you first open the app you choose what type of news you’d like to see! Anything from beauty, entertainment to Forbes 30 Under 30! When you’re running a business, you should always be aware of what’s going on so you can be educated and prepared.

  4. Pexels.com- The key to having great engagement on social media and your website is having quality photo content! If you need realistic pictures for your website or Instagram, you can go to Pexels for free-licensed stock photos to use. This knocks out having to do a photo-shoot every two weeks. You’ll save time and money!

  5. MailChimp- There’s power in email-marketing- don’t underestimate it! According to Forbes, more people are willing to read emails that are “relevant, interesting and specific to their needs” Create a newsletter where you can build a relationship and communication with your consumers. Be creative, use graphics and provide resources for them to use.

  6. PlaceIt.net- Do you need a photo of someone wearing your shirt or holding your new book? Use Place It to create mock-ups for your brand that looks realistic!

  7. VistaPrint- If you’re looking for a place to print your business cards, shirts or customized mugs, check out VistaPrint! They have quality products, an easy design system and are extremely affordable. Oh and here’s a quick tip! Always check their homepage for coupons before checking out!

  8. Canva- Canva is a free and easy designing system where you can create Instagram posts, flyers, invitations, e-books and so much more! Get creative with the different fonts, clip art, templates, and free photos they offer. Canva is great for creating graphics to promote an upcoming event or sale!

  9. Google Hangouts- Save gas by hosting your meetings virtually! Meet with your team by video-chat on Google Hangouts. It’s free and has great video quality. Be aware that participants must have a Gmail account.

  10. Grammarly- Grammarly helps check for spelling, typos, and grammar errors in your emails, blogs and captions. Download Grammarly on your smartphone, laptop, and iPad to save yourself the embarrassment.

These 10 business resources will help you be about your business while saving tons. Comment below if this article helped you or if you have any resource suggestions! Lastly, connect with me on Instagram @iamasadugger I love networking!