As the year comes to an end, the song PURPOSE OVER PLEASURE by Jonathan Traylor has been on repeat! This song reminded me of how we get so caught up “living our best life” we live according to our worldly pleasures over God’s purpose for our lives. I too am guilty of this. In college, I was chasing everything but God. Read below 7 ways to refocus and live on purpose before going into the new year!

7 Ways to Choose Purpose over Pleasure:

1. Consult with God before you make a move or decision. Before making it a go, stop and ask God “Lord is this what you want for me?” “Lord if this is in Your will for my life, let it be, but if not, then let it not be.”

2. Identify what your passion is. Your purpose is rooted in your passion(s).

3. Stop focusing on your Plan B more than your Plan A. Trust God and not on your own understandings.

4. Drop those toxic relationships that keep getting you caught up. 

5. Have accountability partners that keep it real with you. 

6. Pray fervently for clarity, understanding and direction. 

7. Read + Know the Word for yourself. Use that as your ammunition against temptation, uncertainty and fear.

It’s time to stop playing these games and live on purpose! Now it’s your turn. What do you keep telling yourself you’re going to stop or begin doing? Have you been feeling convicted lately? Take a moment to write out these 7 things in your journal. Use this time to get rid of all distractions and focus on God. Pour your heart out to Christ and write out a plan of how you’re going to stop living for temporary desires and begin living for Christ!



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