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Hi! Welcome to! I’m Asa (pronounced Aye-Suh) I am a Speaker, Entrepreneur and Content Curator. I curate content on Faith and Lifestyle to equip and empower women to thrive, not just survive. I am a firm Believer in Jesus Christ and I am the Founder of the Women’s Christian Organization @HeyThriveGirl on Instagram. I’m also the CEO + Founder of the Lifestyle and Empowerment Brand Asa Dugger, LLC.

Outside of work and my travels, I love sipping on frozen fruity smoothies. My favorite artists are Jill Scott and Lisa McLendon. I’m known for my contagious laugh, versatile hairstyles and upbeat personality. 3 words colleagues, friends and family use describe me as is informative, outgoing and authentic.

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i love traveling and immersing myself in culture.

In January 2018, I graduated Magnum Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in Business Management. I’m currently pursing a Master’s in Strategic Communication at Rutgers University New Brunswick. Since a little girl, I’ve always loved traveling and immersing myself in culture. As a first generation college graduate, I’ve had the opportunity to embark on opportunities in China, India, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and Bahamas.

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